is easy!

Like any skills, it's about practice and making it fun!

Cooking is a life skill, much like learning to read, to count or swimming. We believe that educating and teaching our children on how to cook a meal from scratch will help them: 

  • develop healthy eating habits,

  • boost their confidence,

  • be more independent,

  • flourish their creativity,

  • discover new tastes,

  • grow their teamwork skills,

  • and have a lot of fun!

The concept is quite simple, our little Chefs will cook from scratch 12 Different Cuisines from around the World in 2 terms and learn the Food Culture of France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Mexico, India & Morocco.

Most importantly, they will bring home their creation in their cute time to eat 'ngo Bento Box for everyone to try!

For schools, it's a great opportunity to expand their curriculum and offer this new activity to attract and retain pupils but as well something exciting to talk about with the children and parents.

Whether you are an headmaster looking for school clubs to add to your school offering or a parent in search of new clubs for their child's school, get in touch with us using this form or sending us an email to

We are currently covering schools around Guildford, Surrey. 

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